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LS3300 AC Power Calibration Sytem
The LS3300 AC Power Calibration System
Effective solution
for Single and Three Phase AC power calibration

Compact in single cabinet / panel

This AC Power Calibration System come in one compact rugged cabinet , all accessories ,the user manual , the calibration certificate stored in the drawer provided in the cabinet, also make it easy to find and not easy to lose.

By using the AC Calibration cabinet, this system is easy to move

Control and output of three phase power

Multiple LS3300 units can be synchronized through BNC cables.
The host can then connect to the master unit via USB cable and adjust the settings on all units through the master/slave communication. Users can set the values of voltage, current, power, power factor, wiring, and phase from the front panel of the master unit and view each phase in a
phase chart in the LCD. Checking the output of each unit from the master unit during three-phase output

User can operate the system as 1 Phase or 3 Phase AC Power Calibrator with standalone (Without PC).

New features include a high-definition LCD display, a vector diagram, and the ability to synchronize up to three units to emulate anything from single phase two wire to three phase four wire systems with manual (Local) or remote interface operation using PC software.

This software automatically calibrates a power meter (WT series) using YOKOGAWA's AC Power Calibrator LS3300.

For universal instruments AC Meters.

This software can calibrate AC power meter, AC Voltmeter, AC Currentmeter other than Yokogawa WT series using YOKOGAWA's AC Power Calibrator LS3300 without automatically set the measurement condition and load the measurement value of Unit Under Calibration (UUC) ,so user should doing the setting the UUC and input the calibration result value manually in the Calibration software.

Work Flow of system:

Create and Load the calibration point.
PC request the reference signal output of LS3300.
User set the measurement condition (Setting) of Equipment Under Calibration .
User fill the Calibration result form in the PC software
User create the Test certificate