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The LS3300 is a single-phase AC power calibrator that can generate highly accurate, stable, and wide range output current and voltage. New features include an LCD display and a STABILIZING function which shows that the output signal is stabilized for calibration efficiency.

High Accuracy

AC Voltage: 350 ppm
AC Current: 450 ppm
AC Power: 450 ppm
At 1 year, 10 ppm = 0.001%

Phase Accuracy

0.03 at 50/60 Hz
Between the Voltage and current outputs when used alone.

High Stability

AC voltage, current: 50 ppm/h
AC power: 100 ppm/h
From 1 minute to 1 hour after the output is turned on.

High Accuracy

AC voltage: 10 mV to 1250 V
AC current: 0.3 mA to 62.5 A
Frequency: 40 to 1200 Hz

Single to three phase power calibration

A single LS3300 AC Power Calibrator unit supports 1P2W, and multiple LS3300 units support 1P3W, 3P3W and 3P4W.
It can calibrate AC voltage/ current, active/reactive power, power factor and phase angle.

# Power Factor Validation
Power factor is an important element when users judge the efficiency of a device. Both power value and power factor are inspected during the calibration of a power meter. The LS3300 supports a power factor range from −1.0 to 0 to +1.0 (lead) and from −1.0 to 0 to +1.0 (lag). It also allows the user to adjust the phase angle between voltage and current.

# In/output adjustment inspection of power transducer
There are different kinds of power transducer instrumentation for AC voltage, current, active power, reactive power, etc. The highly accurate LS3300 can output voltage with an accuracy of 350 ppm and current with an accuracy of 450 ppm It can also output AC voltage/current separately and set the phase angle of power. With these features, it supports input/output characteristic adjustment,inspection in the power transducer production lines, and calibration inspection for periodic checkups.