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product - YOKOGAWA-TEST-AND-MEASUREMENT - Osciloscopes and ScopeCorders

A stringent measurement condition requires a high performance and flexible solution. This is the design philosophy of the DL350 ScopeCorder.
With the ability to use the same 18 types of plug-in module as other ScopeCorders, the battery portable
DL350 is easier to carry and easier to use in confined spaces.
Offering channel counts up to 8 analog and 16 digital, sample rates
up to 100 MS/s, Isolation up to 1 KV and resolution up to 16-bit, the range of modules enables the DL350 to be configured for a multitude of long and short term measurement applications.
Rechargeable battery operation can be used for testing in remote areas or as a UPS when combined with mains power

The DL350 delivers:
Portability The light weight, battery
operation and compact size makes the
DL350 the all-round instrument-of-choice
in the vehicle and in the field.

Functionality The built-in memory
provides long term recording and
transient capture. An SD card provides
long term storage. Advanced triggering
ensures that the data is captured during
the most critical of tests.

Operability Use it like a recorder or an
oscilloscope. The touch screen and
choice of operating modes mean that the
DL350 is as useful for simple maintenance
tasks as it is for advanced measurement
and analysis needs.

Using different modules and accessories, the DL350 ScopeCorder addresses the complex measurement and analysis needs of widely diverse applications in the field.

# In-vehicle testing:
CAN bus, LIN bus and SENT monitoring
Use the DL350 with /VE option and bus monitor module to decode CAN bus, LIN bus or SENT signals and display information such as engine temperature, vehicle speed and brake pedal position as trend waveforms and compare this with the analog data coming from the actual sensors. This enables automotive engineers to gain an insight into the dynamic behavior of the complete electromechanical system.

# Electric vehicle inverter voltage evaluation
The voltage fluctuations of the input and output of the inverter can be measured alongside the trends of speed, acceleration and braking from the data on the CAN bus.
Up to 2.5 hours of continuous data can be directly recorded to the SD card with sample rates up to 200 kS/s.
The optional rechargeable battery pack enables the DL350 to be continuously operated without burdening the in-vehicle power supply.
The optional GPS unit* adds coordinate information to the recording data to enable the measurements to be correlated with the location of the vehicle in a drive test.

# Power line monitoring in plants and factories
By using a wave-window trigger, voltage sags, surges, spikes and dropouts can be detected and captured.
Multi-phase voltages up to 1 kVrms and 1.4 kV peak can be recorded using 720268 high-voltage isolation modules.
In the case of unattended operation, waveforms can be saved, or an e-mail sent, when the DL350 is triggered.

#Industrial robot maintenance
It is possible to monitor and record the control signals to the servomotors and their speed and torque at the same time.
For condition monitoring, FFT analysis can be used on the vibration signals from accelerometers to help identify potential failures in machines or components.
Remote operation is available using the assistant software or the input/output terminals making it potentially safer to use.