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2560A High Voltage and High Current DC Calibrator
The 2560A Precision DC Calibrator offers high voltage and high current generation and intuitive operation for the analog meters calibration.
- Wide output range of voltage and current generation
- Dials and switches for each digit and function
- High accuracy, stability, and resolution
Various effective functions for analog meters calibration.
With output ranges of 100 miliV to 1000 V and 100 microA to 30A, plus 10 different types of Thermocouples and Pt100 RTD, the 2560A can effectively solve the calibration requirements for DC Analog Meters and various temperature measuring instruments and controllers.


# Calibrating and testing analog and digital meters
Using the output divider and deviation
Calibrating two or more points is quick and simple. It is only necessary to preselect the number of required calibration points with the lower divider control and then use the upper control to step the output to the next calibration point. The deviation settings will then enable the output value and error of each calibration point to be displayed directly.

# Calibration and testing multimeters
In the high resolution mode up to 6.5 digits, it is possible to test and calibrate digital multimeters and resistance standards.

#Calibrating and testing temperature controllers
10 types of thermocouples and Pt100
The 2560A can calibrate and test temperature controllers and
data loggers which use thermocouples and RTDs. 10 types of IEC thermocouple are supported. By setting a temperature value, the emf (electro-motive force) equivalent to the temperature is generated. A wide range of temperature controllers can be calibrated due the high accuracy.
When using a Pt100 RTD, a set temperature value generates
the equivalent resistance value. Calibration using the resistance value can also be performed by setting resistance instead of temperature.