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WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer
The WT5000 is the Next Generation in Precision of Yokogawas Power Analyzers product line. It is a versatile platform that delivers extraordinary precision and exceptional performance for the most demanding applications. Equipped with 7 user swappable and reconfigurable input elements plus 4 motor channels, the WT5000 is an ideal instrument for both electrical and mechanical power and efficiency measurements. Its highly responsive touchscreen, intuitive menu operations, and out of the box software solution make the WT5000 an ideal instrument for your testing needs.

Reliable Today, Ready for Tomorrow
Make measurements you can trust with a guaranteed accuracy of *0.03%
10MS/s, 1MHz power bandwidth, 18 bit resolution enabled by Yokogawa isoPRO fiber optic isolation technology
Simultaneously analyze 7 phases with one chassis, producing over 1000 power parameters real-time
Precision current measurement guaranteed by innovative symmetric coaxial shunt design
*basic power accuracy

Innovate with Precision, Flexibility and Confidence
Modular architecture with 7 user swappable and reconfigurable input elements
Synchronize multiple chassis for large multi-phase systems
For motors and generators up to 4 speed and torque inputs** can be used measuring total system efficiency
Isolate and measure harmonic losses with configurable advanced filtering for simultaneous wideband and harmonic power analysis
**can be configured as auxiliary inputs
Precision Made Easy
Highly responsive 10.1 inch electrostatic capacitive touch screen
Intuitive and easy menus to connect, configure, measure and record
Modular interconnect design putting safety first