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TX10 Series of Digital Thermometers
TX10 Series offers thermocouple thermometers that support K, J, E and T type thermocouples.
There are three models available: 1-channel single-function, 1-channel multi-function, and 2-channel
multi-function models.

Application :
Temperature management in a refrigerated warehouse
Frozen food products quality control
Perishable foods quality control
Temperature management in production processes
Product temperature measurement test
Temperature checks in equipment maintenance
Temperature management for research and development

Measuring Range
Type E: -200 to 700C (-328 to 1292F)
Type J: -200 to 1000C (-328 to 1832F)
Type K: -200 to 1372C (-328 to 2501.6F)
Type T: -200 to 400C (-328 to 752F)

-200.0C to 199.9C: 0.1C
200C or above: 1C

+200 C or above, or when 1C resolution is set (0.2% of rdg + 1C)
-100.0C to 199.9C (0.1% of rdg + 0.7C)
-200.0C to -100.1C (0.1% of rdg + 1.0C)

Temperature Coefficient (0.015% of rdg +0.06C)/C
Approx. Measurement Interval 1 sec
Display Item HOLD, C, ch A, TC type K, J, E, T, Battery alarm
Other Functions Auto power-off, battery alarm
Display LCD
Operating Temperature 0 to 50 C
Humidity 80% RH (no condensation)
Power Requirements Two AA-size alkaline dry batteries (LR6)
Battery Life About 450 hours
Drip-proof Construction Conforms to IP54 (dust-proof and drip-proof requirements of IEC529)
Compliance with Standards

EMC Standards
EMI (interference signal): EN55011;1998, EN61326-1;1998+A1 (Class B, Group 1)
EMS (immunity): EN50082-1;1997, EN61326;1998+A1
Approx. Height 151 mm
Approx. Width 56 mm
Approx. Depth 33 mm
Approx. External Weight 180 g