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Precision Double Bridge 2769
Quality testing of cable or conductor production in cable manufacturing before deliver to customer

Model 2769 is a compact, portable Kelvin double bridge designed for measuring low resistance from 0.1 ohm to 110 ohm with four multiplication plugs and one measuring dial. It has built-in standard resistors, bridge power source and high-sensitivity taut-band suspension system electronic DC galvanometer.

Dimensions 182 x 226 x 128 mm
7 1/4 x 9 x 4 3/4 in.
Weight 2.6 kg
5.7 lbs
Measuring Range 0.1m to 110
Measuring Arm 1.00 to 11.00 at x1
Multiplier 0.005m at x 0.0001
0.05m at x 0.001
0.5 at x 10
0.5m at x 0.01
50m at x 1
5m at x 0.1
x 0.0001, x 0.001, x 0.01, x 0.1, x 1, x 10 (plug-in system)
Accuracy (0.05 x multiplier +0.01m) at temperature of 5 to 35C (41 to 95F) and humidity range of less then 85%
Galvanometer (Built-In) Galvanometer (built-in) electronic DC galvanometer, Voltage Sensitivity approx. 20V/div.
Sensitivity Changeover
G0 - Approx. 11k (input Resistance)
G1 - Approx. 1/11 of G0 Sensitivity
G2 - Approx. 1/11o of G0 Sensitivity
Power Source:1 9V Battery (JIS6F22)
Battery life ;Approx. 300 Hours
Operating Temperature Range 5 to 35C (41 to 95F)
Humidity Range 85% Max, Relative Humidity
Accessories Supplied at No Extra Cost Carrying Case
Optional Accessories 2753 Measuring Cords
2754 Clamp Device
2771 Standard Resistor
Note Standard Resistor (Yokogawa 2771) Is required for measurements on 0.1 to 1.1m range at 0.0001 multiplier