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PRC 2000 Rework and Repair Benchtop Factory
The PRC 2000 is truly the complete benchtop factory in one compact, fully self-contained system. The PRC 2000's thermal management center powers and controls up to three SensaTemp handpieces simultaneously, for safe, rapid installation and removal of virtually all surface mount and thru-hole components. The PRC 2000 brings to the benchtop a process controlled factory capability for:
*Universal SMT and Thru-Hole Component Installation and Removal
*Self-Contained Solder Paste Dispensing
*Surface Mount land preparation
*Component handling
*Circuit/Interconnection Repair and Modification
*Substrate Repair
*Conformal Coating Removal
*Multilayer Repair Capability
The PRC 200 comes with a wide array of handpieces (9), can power up to three SensaTemp handpieces simultaneously. The system self calibrates and features auto/manual temperature setback, auto power down, and constant memory. Built in Password security function is standard and has an auto tip offset compensation system.
Pulse Heat is a low voltage, direct power technology that offers selectable ramp rates for working on delivate components like ceramic caps. Controlled thermal ramping is the key to not damaging these types fo parts. The Pulse Heat Section powers 4 low voltage handpieces that allow you to perform:
*Hot bar soldering
*Circuit land and trace repair
*Conformal coating removal
*Resistive Tweezer soldering
*Thermal wire stripping, and
*Condictive tweezer soldering
MicroChine - Lighweight, variable speed machining handpiece for precision circuitry and substrate repairs on today's most boards. The MC-65 MicroChine features:
*"Smooth Start" integral handpiece motor for unparalleled control
and ease of use
*Integral finger-switch control
*Quiet, low vibration operation
*Closed loop tachometer feedback maintains controlled Drilling/Machining
rates under varying loads
*Dynamic breaking stops machining instantly for enhanced safety
*Unique probe brake feature for safe multilayer repair