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MBT 350 Multi Channel Rework System
The MBT 350 is loaded with features to improve quality, increase through-put, extend tip life, and protect your process. The system is fully programmable and can be password protected from unauthorized changes. In some cases technicians become frustrated with being locked into a single temperature. The MBT 350 provides the solution! An approved operating range can be programmed allowing operators the flexibility to do their work, while eliminating the risks associated with giving techs access to the entire temperature range of the system. Operators can be given a range of 5 to 450F (3-250C) to operate within! When high-mass tips are required, an offset can be programmed for each of the three channels,
individually. To maximize tip life and reduce operating costs, PACE's well recognized Setback and Auto-Off features are included. The system will automatically reduce the set temperature by 50% then turn off after a user defined period of inactivity, from 1 to 90 minutes. To really protect your more expensive tip-heater cartridge and fine point soldering tips from oxidation, the TD-100 can be used with the new Instant-Setback Cubby. The
cubby puts the iron's channel into setback if its in the cubby for more than 45 seconds!

Up to two instant setback cubbies can be connected to the MBT 350. The new dual purpose vacuum/pressure pump and delivery system featuring PACE's patented SNAP-VAC Technology, provides the most vacuum available for desoldering applications. When used with an air pencil, the high resolution, pressure control valve allows for precise adjustment when working on the smallest components.