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IR3000 BGA Rework System
The IR 3000 is the newest and most advanced component rework system available on the market. The IR 3000 is fully Area Array capable and can also remove or install most other SMT (and thru-hole components). Featuring a (patented) aperture system to control and precisely apply the heat to protect adjacent components. The IR 3000 features a 500 W long wave top heater and a 1000 W long wave bottom heater. The standard PC software is the most advanced available on any rework system. Custom developed PID algorithms control the heating to your exacting specifications and make profiling easier than ever! Using a high quality, specially developed IR thermal sensor, the process is completely controlled using non contact measuring methods. For added verification, the SODR-CAM is available to watch the entire reflow process happen in real time.

Component Pick-up
Each component is placed into an adjustable nest.
The nest is placed into position above the optics assembly.
The reflow head automatically picks up the component and moves it to the proper focal
position for alignment.
High-flow vacuum pump holds component securely.
Four component pick-up nozzles are available.
Flux dipping and/or stenciling can be incorporated into the component pick-up procedure.

Component Alignment/Placement
High resolution Vision Overlay System (VOS) with Sony color camera and dichroic prism.
VOS does not require routine calibration, eliminating costly errors and operator frustration.
Images are viewed through the PC in standard or full screen viewing modes.
72 X magnification, color camera with auto-focus and manual capability.
The automatically controlled, retractable optics housing protects VOS from dirt and
Independent lighting controls for component and PCB to maximize overlay contrast.
Ultra white, high power LED based lighting for PCB and component eliminates shadow
and has wide dispersion angles to adequately illuminate large components.
Precision Z axis movement ensures placement accuracy.
Component is placed on PCB with minimal controlled pressure.

Component Reflow
Easy programmability ensures process control and successful installation!
Profiles are created and managed through the PC software.
Creating the perfect 4 or 5 zone profile is easy with real time adjustment of profile
parameters through the PC.
Store and recall an infinite number of profiles using the PC.
2 pre-defined profiles for use as baselines when developing profiles are included.
Both TF systems feature a 1200 Watt top-heater. With closed loop temperature control
and unique vented nozzle design (TF systems only); uniform temperature distribution
during reflow is ensured!
Fully integrated, powerful IR bottom heater(s) with closed loop temperature control
ensures process integrity by delivering heat evenly, time after time.
High power heaters allow for successful, safe and repeatable reflow at safe,
low temperatures.
4 thermocouple sensor inputs ensure accurate profile development and monitoring.
The TF systems are N2 capable as standard.