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product - YOKOGAWA-TEST-AND-MEASUREMENT - High Speed Data Acquisition

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High Speed Data Acquisition SL1000
Fast Acquisition
Up to 100 MS/s on all channels (10 ns sampling interval)
Supports parallel testing: Perform measurements with up to four simultaneously
independent sample rates
Fast Transfer and Storage
Stream data to PC via high speed USB 2.0 or 1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet
Stream data to a PC hard disk or the SL1000's internal hard disk in real
time (at speeds of 1.6 MS/s = 100 kS/s 16ch)1
Maximum 8 synchronized units
1: Speed depends on PC performance and measuring conditions.
Easy to use
Easy to use Standard Acquisition Software
Max 128ch Synchronized (16ch x 8 units)
Data fi les recorded my multiple units, in synchronized mode, are all linked
together by a common LINK fi le, thereby facilitating batch processing.
Using this LINK fi le, data from all units can be processed and analyzed, as
one, at the same time.

General Specification:

Plug & Play: Auto-recognition of units and modules
Input type: Plug-in module
(A/D converters built in to each unit)
Maximum number of input channels:
16 (One unit operation)
128 (8 units synchronous operation)
Maximum sample rate: 100 MS/s on all channels
Measuring mode: Free Run and Triggered
Clock source: Internal and external
Maximum record length (internal memory):
In Free Run mode 1 module: 32 MW/ch
2 modules: 16 MW/ch
3 to 4 modules: 8 MW/ch
5 to 8 modules: 4 MW/ch
In Single Trigger mode 1 module: 50 MW/ch
2 modules: 25 MW/ch
3 to 4 modules: 10 MW/ch
5 to 8 modules: 5 MW/ch
Measuring groups: Up to 4 groups defi nable with independent sample rates
Trigger mode: Normal, Single, and Single(N)
Trigger source: Input channel, External, LINE , Time
Record conditions:
For Free Run mode Immediate, abs. time, time divided, alarm, and external trigger
For Trigger mode Each trigger
Internal hard disk: 40 GB (with the /HD1 option)
Maximum real-time hard disk recording speed:
Internal hard disk 1.6 MS/s
(= 200kS/s 8ch = 100 kS/s 16ch)


You can observe and record waveforms of noise (surge) that is imposed upon power supply and signal lines when the power switch is turned ON and OFF, or due to lightning and other external events. Taking advantage of the SL1000's high speed, high resolution, isolation, and standalone characteristics, you can check and automatically record voltage waveforms during monitoring and surge immunity testing.

Inverter switching waveforms can be observed using the newly developed High-Speed 100 MS/s 12-Bit Isolation Module, offering more accurate waveform capture.