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product - YOKOGAWA-TEST-AND-MEASUREMENT - Osciloscopes and ScopeCorders

Measure and analyze a wealth of signals in real-time and speed up development and fault finding.

The DL850E ScopeCorder is a powerful portable data acquisition recorder and oscilloscope that can capture and analyze both transient events and trends up to 200 days. Using flexible modular inputs it combines measurements of electrical signals, physical (sensors) and CAN / LIN serial buses and is able to trigger on electrical power related and other calculations in real-time.

Choose from20 types of input module and install up to 8 in a ScopeCorder at a time to configure a ScopeCorder up to 128 channels.
Voltage & Currents
Sensor Outputs
Temperature, Vibration/Acceleration, Strain, Frequency
Logic Signals & CAN / LIN and SENT

Applications in Power & Transportation:
# Motors and Electric Drives
Applications include:
EV/HEV test
Railways Motor characteristic test
Home Appliance Inverter test
New Energy - Wind Power, Solar Power -
Power transient analysis
ScopeCorder Solutions:
Realtime Power calculations
Multi-channel and continuous measurement (Power +)
6-input (3-voltage and 3-current) waveforms for 2-system simultaneous measurement
Long memory
Isolation, 12-bit resolution, 100MS/s

#Simultaneously Measure and Analyze 3 Phase Inputs and 3 Phase Outputs:
The ScopeCorder's multichannel platform with large memory enables the power of 6 inputs (3x voltage and 3x current) and 6 outputs to be analyzed simultaneously.

#Vehicle Testing:
Applications include:
Power steering evaluation
In-Vehicle test
Engine performance test
ECU Test
CVT test
Test for a production line
Durability test
High-speed universal data logging
Smart Grid evaluation
Power swing test for multi-power site
Railways driving test.