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DC Voltage and Current Source GS200
The GS200 is a DC voltage/current source that boasts high accuracy, high stability, and high resolution. With its excellent traceability, stability, and 5 1/2-digit resolution, the GS200 generates extremely low-noise DC voltage and current signals that are required for many applications. Additionally, the optional monitoring feature turns the GS200 into a voltage and current measuring instrument.

Measurement sensors, ICs, consumer electronics, office appliances, communication devices, automotive parts, rechargeable battery control devices, electronic circuits, power supplies, lighting equipment, industrial light sources, small motors, x-ray measuring devices, audio amplifiers, microwave heating equipment, diagnostic imaging equipment, high pressure gas equipment, signal converters, industrial pneumatic equipment, vibration analysis equipment, plant construction, thermal-power and nuclear-power generation facility construction and maintenance, molding and machining, heat treating facilities such as vacuum furnaces and atmosphere furnaces, water quality and atmosphere measuring instruments, tea production lines, etc.

General Specifications

Voltage source up to 32 V and current source up to 200 mA
51/2-digit, 120000-count output resolution
Voltage and current simple monitoring feature (optional)
Programmable output up to 10,000 points
Built-in USB mass storage device
Channel expansion through synchronous operation

High accuracy:

0.016% of setting + 240 V (at 10 V range for one year)
0.03% of setting + 5 A (at 100 mA range for one year)

High stability:

0.001% of setting 20 V (at 10 V range for one day)
0.004% of setting + 3 A (at 100 mA range for one day)

High resolution:

100 nV (VDC, 10 mV range)
10 nA (1 mA range)

Low noise:

100 Vp-p (10 V range, DC to 10 kHz)
3 Ap-p (100 mA range, DC to 10 kHz)