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2793 Decade Resistance Boxes 279301
High accuracy and stability
High reproducibility
Excellent reproducibility is obtainable because dial switches with low contact resistance are used. For example, changes in contact resistance is within 1.1mΩ at 0.1Ω setting.
1 mΩ resolution
Simple, quick dial operation
In-line display for city reading
Ideal for calibration of resistance thermometers and brides
Due to its high accuracy and a dail system, various types of resistance thermometers and bridges can te calibrated accurately and promptly.
Excellent ami shock and -vibration properties

Dielectric Strength 1,000 V AC for one minute between Panel and Circuit
Insulation Resistance More than 500MΩ at 500V DC between panel and circuit
Dimension 110 x 491 x 140 mm
4 3/8 x 19 3/8 x 5 1/2 in.
Weight 4.8 kg
106 lbs
Resistance Range 0.1mΩ to 1,111.2100Ω (minimum resistance is 0.1Ω)
Dial Composition 0.001Ω x 10 + 0.01Ω x 10 + 0.1Ω x 11 + 1Ω x 10 + 10Ω x 10 + 100Ω x 10
Resolution 1mΩ
Accuracy (0.01Ω + 2mΩ) at temperature of 23 2C, humidity of 45 to 85%, and 0.1W Power Application
Max. Allowable Input Power 0.2SW/slep. Within 1W for overall instrument.
Max. Allowable Input Current 50mA (100Ω steps). 150mA (10Ω steps), 500mA (10 Ω steps).and 1.5A (0.1Ω steps).